Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweep Dreams Brooms

Sweep your way to a happier day!

Sweep Dreams will whisk you away to tropical Thailand with their hand-woven, beautifully crafted brooms. Aqua, Red, Lime, Yellow and Pink are just some of the colors that make these Sweep Dreams brooms a visual sensation. Liven up your kitchen, patio or storage room with a vibrant 52" sweeping broom with bamboo handle. For smaller chores opt for a convenient hand-held whisk. All brooms are made from natural renewable sources of sorghum grass and bamboo with non-toxic colors. Steel wires inside the weave reinforce the body for long wear and tear. Sweep Dreams employs socially and ecologically responsible manufacturing processes to create their brooms and whisks.

Sweep Dream brooms will not only leave your home brighter and cleaner but eco-friendlier too!

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