Friday, April 20, 2012


Have you noticed the fixation in the bay area of making art by using a laser cutter? It seems that Molly M. Designs is surely making a successful go at this in her jewelry line. Molly McGrath combines the handcrafted and high tech production process of a laser cutter to create organic and intricate baubles for your ears or neckline. Through her work, you can see her architectural training before laser cut inspired her. When she realized this tool could make such unique jewelry, she began designing and producing right here in San Francisco in 2007. She first sketches her designs, then drafts that onto a computer and prints on, you guessed it,  a laser cutter. Her line ranges from geometric shapes and  silhouettes of blooms to birds “taking off.” They encompass subtle colors of creamy tans and rich charcoals, to vivid pinks, mustard yellows, and lavender purples. Although these items are handcrafted and produced right across the bridge, her prices are very reasonable. She does warn about “bear hugs” because her pieces can be fragile, but if you want to take part in this laser cut rage in a very feminine and fun fashion, come have a look see at Molly’s line. We just got some new items in. I know I can’t stop myself from trying her pieces on from time to time…

Monday, April 9, 2012


Don’t you just love it when someone local comes up with a product that you just can’t live without? Located in the heart of Berkeley, LaseLab’s design and research studio simply focuses on using the most basic digital tools to create modern designs for things we use in our daily environment. So, if you have an iphone (and really, who doesn’t these days) we have just the local product for you! LaseLab’s laser-cut, veneer wood covers add a very organic modern look to your palm’s best pal. With a strong adhesive backing, it is easy to apply as well as to remove, and what’s more, is reusable! Now, you may think it could disturb the natural backing of your ever-so beloved iphone, however, I’ve seen it taken off and it leaves your iphone looking like new. It’s simple-modern meets retro, and it really should not be shrugged off. Come have a look see, you’ll agree it‘s about time to add a little flair to your much-loved gadget, the iphone.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thomas Paul

Rainy days tend to bring on the blues, but here at Maison d’ Etre, we have something that would really brighten your day…the Thomas Paul shawls are back!! With gorgeous and intricate graphic prints of elephants, fish, octopuses, whales, or flowers, sprawled across cotton gauze or wool stoles, how could anyone, NOT possibly fall with adoration!? What’s more, they can be utilized in many different ways. Hang it across your wall for a modern-seashore look, knot it around your waist as a beach parero, or throw it on over a summer dress to keep warm on a chilly night. Whether you choose to keep a classic style with a bold graphic of Moby the whale, or add a little funk and splash of color by choosing the ever-so-popular, raspberry skeleton scarf, it will be worth it and I recommend to go ahead and indulge! New York designer Thomas Paul knows his way around textiles, and by just having a look see, you are bound to turn captive to this must have, wearable piece of art.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tokoyo Bay Watches

Spring accessories have begun surfacing…including the trendy Tokyobay watches. These watches can appeal to any crowd, featuring sporty, chic, and the modern, wraparound style. Their popularity has grown fast and have wriggled their way into Vogue and Oprah Magazine. Coming from the base location of trendy San Francisco, its no wonder these have taken off with such momentum. Tokyobay watches offer a wide range of colors and material that you can coordinate with Sunday-casual with a simple leather watch, or Friday-night-fun, by stacking it with bangles. Which ever is your style, I recommend coming in and having a look see. It’s about that point where you start knowing what “time it is!”

Monday, February 27, 2012

Husdon Chalkboard Paint

It’s definite, bulb season has hit. Daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths have begun littering the scene, peeping through, declaring that spring is surely on its way. As flowers always do, inspiration has crept upon me, making me wonder how to bring these spring blushes that are decorating my front yard inside my home! Because I reside in the city of Oakland, there isn’t much room for gardening, so I needed to improvise. When I spotted the new Hudson Chalkboard Paint in the store, I knew it would be perfect… I could create my own colored chalkboard, from a choice of 30 colors!

Designer Arno Cornillion was in the middle of designing an art school when he realized chalkboard paint came in only two very ordinary colors, green and black. He couldn’t have that, especially in an environment that was practically based on creativity! As a result, he began mixing paint and before he knew it, Hudson Paint’s Colored Chalkboard Company was born. Hudson’s Colored Chalkboard offers 30 amazingly vibrant hues with delectable names such as sweet tangerine, grand chateau, bakery green, and deep ocean. With such an offering of the rainbow, these colors could help create an imaginative environment in an art studio, be the menu display for a cafĂ©, or add a particular delight to a child’s room. How excited do you think your children will be when you tell them they are actually allowed to write on their walls!? The creative ideas are seemingly endless and Arno Cornillion is glad to help. His hope was to have his passion for paint and color become a passion of yours, or to at least brighten a room in your home. We have stocked shelves for the time being, but seeing the potential of this product, I recommend coming for your look see before long…my intuition is telling me that the popularity of this “creativity in a can” is soon to hit the ground running.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweep Dreams

Now that the holidays are over and the pumpkins, Santa Clauses, and menorahs are tucked away for another year, it’s about time to get your spring-cleaning on. Why not have some fun with it? Sweep Dream brooms, offering “hard working beauty” can take the utterly mundane tone out of this task. The brooms are made in the jungles of Thailand, each one carefully woven and made from 100% renewable sorghum and bamboo, assembled by workers under fair compensation and labor conditions. They come in many colors, (all non toxic dyes) including sage greens, tickle-me pinks, apple reds, and mocha browns. You won’t want to tuck this away in the closet when you’re done! Not only do they offer a cheerful addition to your home, according to old European folklore, the buds in the bristles bring luck. Could you possibly ask for any more charm? If sprucing up the house is at the bottom of the priority list, come have a look-see nevertheless. Who says you’ll have to clean! There’s nothing wrong with bringing home a bit of luck…

Monday, January 23, 2012


It’s around that time when we all start planning our summer vacations… why not kick it off by picking up a Baggallini bag or tote? Baggallini Inc. was founded in 1995 by two veteran flight attendants, Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons, who recognized a need for organization when traveling. They also noted that organization did not mean that fashion had to be taken out of the equation. Their goal of a stylish, but highly functionable bag has been reached. Bottom line, Baggallini simply pledges to keep your peace of mind while traveling. Whether you’re rushing to the gate before your flight leaves, or getting in line to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower, your tickets and camera will be in their own little compartment, safe and zippered away. The bags are available in many different colors from vibrant to subtle tones, along with alternative styles, including clutches, totes, and cross-body designs. They are also comprised of lightweight and water resistant fabric, ideal for any weather. So why don’t you come in and have a cheeky look-see? You never know, Baggallini may be all the inspiration you’ll need to plan that Argentinean getaway you’ve been dreaming of…

Monday, January 16, 2012

Heather Johnson

California College of the Arts graduate and designer Heather Johnson, has always found it ever so fascinating how people all over the world choose to adorn themselves in one way or another. That is why she chose to become part of the “adorner” world. In fact, it was this fascination that was the inspiration behind her businesses’ name, Primal Curiosities. In the past year, Heather’s hand-made line has taken off due to her darling, but cheeky hand warmers and cowl neck scarves. Did I mention they always come sprinkled with vintage buttons? I tease Heather and call her a fiber “snob,” however it is something very special and somewhat rare. She refuses to use anything but all natural fibers including some of her favorites, alpaca, merino wool and silk blends. Taking these modern adornments and adding a vintage flare of buttons seems to really be what draws people in. Both items when worn make anyone’s life cozy as well as effortless in everyday functions. Tasks such as texting and typing are easily done while wearing the hand warmers and the cowl neck scarves instantly envelop the neckline, not having to deal with loose ends as in other scarves. I rightly advocate coming into the shop and having a look-see. The weather is about to turn a bit chillier and Valentine’s Day is coming up….