Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thomas Paul

Rainy days tend to bring on the blues, but here at Maison d’ Etre, we have something that would really brighten your day…the Thomas Paul shawls are back!! With gorgeous and intricate graphic prints of elephants, fish, octopuses, whales, or flowers, sprawled across cotton gauze or wool stoles, how could anyone, NOT possibly fall with adoration!? What’s more, they can be utilized in many different ways. Hang it across your wall for a modern-seashore look, knot it around your waist as a beach parero, or throw it on over a summer dress to keep warm on a chilly night. Whether you choose to keep a classic style with a bold graphic of Moby the whale, or add a little funk and splash of color by choosing the ever-so-popular, raspberry skeleton scarf, it will be worth it and I recommend to go ahead and indulge! New York designer Thomas Paul knows his way around textiles, and by just having a look see, you are bound to turn captive to this must have, wearable piece of art.

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