Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lisa B. Socks

Those tootsies of ours are often the last things we choose to accessorize, but why should that be the case? Once people catch a glimpse of the Lisa B socks, they are quick to modify this decision. Made for both men and women, these socks created from a wool and cashmere blend, are the coziest gift you could give this holiday season. Their fun but classic textiles range from striped, fair isle, or ribbed, to argyle and polka dots. Not only are they all machine-washable, the women’s line also has the special treat of coming in a knee-high length and from personal experience, these are the cutest accessories for every fall or winter season. Paired with tights, leggings, or a skirt or dress, these knee-highs put a modish twist on the conventional “school –girl” look. Lisa and her husband Rem started their chic but down-to-earth footwear line a little more than a decade ago, and people can’t seem to get enough! The couple continues to design and craft their footwear line from their home in rural Pennsylvania. Now, let’s give your own or a friend’s toes something to cuddle up in this season! Just a tip…. come have a look-see soon. Lisa B. socks never stays on the shelves for too long!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Bella Notte Linens

Bella Notte Linens has created magically beautiful products, from sweet summer dresses, to cozy, but oh so very chic bedding. I literally squealed when we unpacked these boxes (my co-worker Heather will certainly vouch for that!) and made up the bed that sits in the back of our store.

Bella Notte prides themselves on their use of low-impact fabrics, meaning they have low impact on our environment from the selecting of raw material (including organic cotton and hemp) to producing each and every piece. What’s more, Bella Notte makes sure to use low-impact/non toxic fiber reactive dyes, making these the best man-made high quality and environmentally conscious dyes around.

These luxurious linens have everyone swooning. Maybe it’s their intermingling of rich color tones, including “Pebble”, and “Amethyst,” “Sea Glass,” or “Petal,” that makes designing a whole new bedroom so enchanting. It also could be their amazingly soft textures that range from their classic delicate linen, or their more fanciful ones of velvet, lace, or satin. Either way, Bella Notte (meaning beautiful night in Italian) offers a selection that delights any style. So let me ask you, how can you possibly resist? I certainly can’t. We spend a good third of our life engaging in sleep, cuddled up in bed. Why not make it an experience to remember? Come take a look-see, and you’ll see what I mean. I think Its time to transform that bedroom of yours…

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Le Palais des Thes

Having friends over for an afternoon cup of tea is an elegant and warming tradition that should be cherished and continually rediscovered. Francois-Xavier appreciated what tea represented, as well as its many promising rich flavors and wanted to share these pleasures with the people of Paris. So in 1987, he opened up his first little boutique, Le Palais des Thes, in hopes that the Parisians, who have exceptional taste and style, would embrace his passion for tea. 24 years later, with 25 more boutiques warming the streets in countries from Japan, to Israel, to Belgium and Slovenia Les Palais des Thes, seems to make the cut. The unique selection includes more than 100 green, black, oolong, pu-erh, and rooibos tea creations, certainly something to be impressed by. Don’t you think it’s about time to invite a few friends over to share a cupp’a tea? Stop by Maison d’etre before your darling little tea party and have a look-see at our selection of these special Parisian creations.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


​With the temperatures suddenly dipping, nothing sounds better than curling up with a blanket and a hot cup of cocoa for the night. In2green blankets can help out with this! Their heavy cotton feel is exactly what caught my eye as soon as we unpacked them and placed them on our shelves. “Green” as the company says, is not just a color to them, but a representation of the what lifestyle they want to bring to homes all over the world. In2green works with sustainable materials such as using recycled knit products, making new land development unnecessary and for minimal usage of water, as well as chemicals and dyes. Their products are entirely “sweatshop free” and made only in the United States and Central America. In2green also does their part in helping younger generations fight for a cleaner planet, including the organization, Leave No Trace, truly making this company wholeheartedly “green.” Their vibrant textiles and colors also help the cause in being one of the best blankets and children beanies we’re carrying this season. Whether it’s the polka dots, zigzags, or the Moroccan designs that draw you in, or the rich colors of persimmon oranges, avocado greens, or deep chocolate browns, you are sure to fall weak for this product! Nevertheless, I urge you to come have a look-see for yourself!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

B K R Glass Bottles Silicon Sleeve

Founded only two years ago, bkr Bottle Company is the new “in” thing and spreading fast, for a few reasons. Firstly, the bottle is made from glass; this is not only healthy for the earth, but also for the drinker! The glass, as well as the sleeve and cap are 100% recyclable and dishwasher safe. Not only do they fit the standard cup holder, they also come in radiant colors with fun names, including, “pop,” “bubble,” “pool,” “ripe,” and “fog.” Being featured in InStyle Magazine’s gift guide this holiday season proves people’s newfound love for this product.

What's more, bkr is philanthropic. When bought, a portion in initiatives is invested to help fight the global water crisis, bringing clean water to communities who don’t have any. The founders Tal and Kate, bring their clean product to the people and in doing so, they are lending a hand in helping the world around them. Why not join them? Their motto says it all, “clean design, clean body, clean earth. All clean everything.” We urge you come have a look-see at this fresh new product, we’ll be stocked all season long!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

These adorable tea towels caught my eye straight away. With a company made up of only 7 people and 13 sewing machines, based in a small fishing village in Cornwall, England, everything about Poppy Treffry seem oh so very special and charming. Each towel is screen printed right in Cornwall, featuring whimsical etchings, (initially hand-drawn by Ms. Poppy herself!) of teacups, sailboats, dogs, and “oyster catchers.” Each towel is 100% unbleached cotton and machine washable, making these towels not just darling, but also low maintenance, how lovable is that!? Being inexpensive adds charm to their repertoire, simply ideal for the holidays or a house-warming gift, don’t you think? If not absolutely convinced just yet, we welcome you to come take a look-see for yourself…

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ayala Bar

Elegance has met industrial in one of our new jewelry lines, Ayala Bar. Assimilating diverse materials from glass beads, Swarovski crystals, fabric, to mineral stones and non-precious metals, this talented Israeli designer Ayala, handcrafts everything from earrings, and bracelets, to brooches, rings and necklaces. Each bejeweled piece is truly lovely and creates a certain magical essence when put on. Instantly, I was brought back to childhood memories of playing dress-up in my mother’s high heels, (5 sizes to big) and layering myself in her beautiful costume jewelry.

Each piece is intricately detailed, and I honor Ayala for the absolute exquisiteness she captivates in her jewelry. So if you’re either striving to bring pure awe by giving that perfect gift, or to just play “dress up” again, come and take a look-see at this new line…..