Monday, November 21, 2011

Bella Notte Linens

Bella Notte Linens has created magically beautiful products, from sweet summer dresses, to cozy, but oh so very chic bedding. I literally squealed when we unpacked these boxes (my co-worker Heather will certainly vouch for that!) and made up the bed that sits in the back of our store.

Bella Notte prides themselves on their use of low-impact fabrics, meaning they have low impact on our environment from the selecting of raw material (including organic cotton and hemp) to producing each and every piece. What’s more, Bella Notte makes sure to use low-impact/non toxic fiber reactive dyes, making these the best man-made high quality and environmentally conscious dyes around.

These luxurious linens have everyone swooning. Maybe it’s their intermingling of rich color tones, including “Pebble”, and “Amethyst,” “Sea Glass,” or “Petal,” that makes designing a whole new bedroom so enchanting. It also could be their amazingly soft textures that range from their classic delicate linen, or their more fanciful ones of velvet, lace, or satin. Either way, Bella Notte (meaning beautiful night in Italian) offers a selection that delights any style. So let me ask you, how can you possibly resist? I certainly can’t. We spend a good third of our life engaging in sleep, cuddled up in bed. Why not make it an experience to remember? Come take a look-see, and you’ll see what I mean. I think Its time to transform that bedroom of yours…

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