Tuesday, November 8, 2011


​With the temperatures suddenly dipping, nothing sounds better than curling up with a blanket and a hot cup of cocoa for the night. In2green blankets can help out with this! Their heavy cotton feel is exactly what caught my eye as soon as we unpacked them and placed them on our shelves. “Green” as the company says, is not just a color to them, but a representation of the what lifestyle they want to bring to homes all over the world. In2green works with sustainable materials such as using recycled knit products, making new land development unnecessary and for minimal usage of water, as well as chemicals and dyes. Their products are entirely “sweatshop free” and made only in the United States and Central America. In2green also does their part in helping younger generations fight for a cleaner planet, including the organization, Leave No Trace, truly making this company wholeheartedly “green.” Their vibrant textiles and colors also help the cause in being one of the best blankets and children beanies we’re carrying this season. Whether it’s the polka dots, zigzags, or the Moroccan designs that draw you in, or the rich colors of persimmon oranges, avocado greens, or deep chocolate browns, you are sure to fall weak for this product! Nevertheless, I urge you to come have a look-see for yourself!

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