Monday, April 9, 2012


Don’t you just love it when someone local comes up with a product that you just can’t live without? Located in the heart of Berkeley, LaseLab’s design and research studio simply focuses on using the most basic digital tools to create modern designs for things we use in our daily environment. So, if you have an iphone (and really, who doesn’t these days) we have just the local product for you! LaseLab’s laser-cut, veneer wood covers add a very organic modern look to your palm’s best pal. With a strong adhesive backing, it is easy to apply as well as to remove, and what’s more, is reusable! Now, you may think it could disturb the natural backing of your ever-so beloved iphone, however, I’ve seen it taken off and it leaves your iphone looking like new. It’s simple-modern meets retro, and it really should not be shrugged off. Come have a look see, you’ll agree it‘s about time to add a little flair to your much-loved gadget, the iphone.

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