Monday, February 27, 2012

Husdon Chalkboard Paint

It’s definite, bulb season has hit. Daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths have begun littering the scene, peeping through, declaring that spring is surely on its way. As flowers always do, inspiration has crept upon me, making me wonder how to bring these spring blushes that are decorating my front yard inside my home! Because I reside in the city of Oakland, there isn’t much room for gardening, so I needed to improvise. When I spotted the new Hudson Chalkboard Paint in the store, I knew it would be perfect… I could create my own colored chalkboard, from a choice of 30 colors!

Designer Arno Cornillion was in the middle of designing an art school when he realized chalkboard paint came in only two very ordinary colors, green and black. He couldn’t have that, especially in an environment that was practically based on creativity! As a result, he began mixing paint and before he knew it, Hudson Paint’s Colored Chalkboard Company was born. Hudson’s Colored Chalkboard offers 30 amazingly vibrant hues with delectable names such as sweet tangerine, grand chateau, bakery green, and deep ocean. With such an offering of the rainbow, these colors could help create an imaginative environment in an art studio, be the menu display for a café, or add a particular delight to a child’s room. How excited do you think your children will be when you tell them they are actually allowed to write on their walls!? The creative ideas are seemingly endless and Arno Cornillion is glad to help. His hope was to have his passion for paint and color become a passion of yours, or to at least brighten a room in your home. We have stocked shelves for the time being, but seeing the potential of this product, I recommend coming for your look see before long…my intuition is telling me that the popularity of this “creativity in a can” is soon to hit the ground running.

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